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    I had never considered writing about the years I had spent with Elvis and the Memphis Mafia, but when I awoke one morning I had an overwhelming desire to write this book. I felt that having only known Elvis for a few short years was so little time, but I realize now that what was only a short time for me was a lifetime of memories for those who had never met him.

    I am overwhelmed by the kindness that Elvis fans have shown to me over the years. I understand now more than ever why Elvis loved all of you so very much. He may not have known your name, and he may have never heard your voice, but he always knew that you were there for him. When he awoke in the morning, he felt content, and when he laid his head down at night, he felt gratification, because he knew that his fans loved him. He never would turn away from you, because he knew that you would never turn away from him. You could feel his love and he could feel yours. You knew it. And Elvis knew it. This is what made him special and this is what makes you special. I, for one, now understand that.

    This is the story of what was, a story that is real, a life that was so unimaginable that it took profound meditation and deep thought to relive those years with Elvis, to bring them back to life, and to transform them onto the pages of this book. As I share my memories of those last years with Elvis with you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Even though they may only be but a glimpse in time, those magical years left me with a lifetime of treasured memories.